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Inner peace day

Dive into a day of wellness.

Immerse yourself in various modalities to dive deeper into your being.

This day retreat will be a journey of slowing down, elevating consciousness and reconnecting with our truest, most in-tune self. We combine Eastern tradition, science, and experience design to create a deeper wellness practice.

We have created a space near you where you can set forth on a wellness journey to refresh, re-energize and rejuvenate.

That’s what inspired us to create these Inner Peace Days. This is a space where you can leave your worries behind, show up as you are, and reconnect with a core part of yourself.

Inner Peace Day by Samavira was created to help you elevate your wellness experience and live life at your best. We are a growing global community dedicated to bringing a uniquely designed wellness experience to cities around the world.

Join us for a day of wellness, growth and connection.

The Experience


Move your body, while connecting to your soul. Yoga forms the bridge between the different layers of your being and beyond.


Breathe consciously, breathe intentionally. Breathe to break through blockages and patterns that no longer serve you.


Dive into your inner world, explore the depths of your soul. Let’s meditate together to reconnect with a core part of ourselves.


Practice non-judgmental awareness of your present moment experience. Align your inside and outside worlds. 


Be guided into expanded states of consciousness through sound and touch. Journey beyond the layers of our identity.


Lend your body to the rhythm of the music. Move freely through the space towards a state of trance and ecstasy.

Our testimonials

The session was really powerful, these techniques are a great combo for your mind, heart, and body! The breath awareness brought immediate results to me and helped me to cope with the day with more resilience. I felt an energy boost after the session. Really recommend it!
Lorena Stephanie
I have been dealing with some personal issues. The sessions are a big help in dealing with this. The facilitator has a calm and soothing voice, which is a big help in finding your inner self. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Youri van Kemenade
I joined this Inner Peace Session intuitively and didn't know quite what to expect, as I have never done such group sessions before. I kept myself open during the experience and was pleasantly surprised when I "woke" back into my body in what felt like 2 minutes but had been more than 20! I felt like I could tune in with the other frequencies of those in the group. Very powerful; I have never journeyed so deep into the core and center of mySelf before. Very grateful and highly recommended!
Tianna Hansen
I really liked how the group dynamics played out well, and I think the introduction and "scene setting" was the key part. You managed to immediately create a safe atmosphere for sharing, and it seemed most participants were immediately comfortable. Also a very good balance between not making things too complicated, and at the same time giving some good insights.
Jan Tellefsen

Practical details

The Inner Peace Day will take place on Sunday November 7th from 10am-8pm at Wamos in Berlin (Google Maps).

Each session lasts approx. 90min. Healthy (paid) lunch and snacks are available.

Wear comfortable clothes. You can bring your own yoga mat if you please. The Covid 3G rule applies (vaccinated, recovered or negative test result from max. 24h old).

There are limited spots available – sign up now to secure yours.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

PS. Can’t make it? Sign up on the waitlist below to be notified of the next event.

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Can’t make it? Sign up for the waitlist to be notified of the next event.

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