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The Samavira
Student Training

We found that modern meditation apps often mistake the age-old wisdom of meditation with a plateaued, limited experience, or mere entertainment. If we go to a retreat, our peace of mind and centeredness fades by the time we reach home.

We wanted to create a space near you where you can access the exact same wisdom you would learn in an ancient temple in the East, while becoming self-reliant in your meditation practice and making it truly your own.

That’s what inspired us to create Samavira. It is a modern-day meditation experience that’s vetted by monks and that is based on Theravada Buddhist principles. It combines Eastern tradition, science, and experience design to create a personalised experience and a deeper meditation practice.

The experience

Drop into your body

Soothing melodies, fragrant scents, shimmering candles, and a circle of quiet explorers.

This is a space where you can leave your worries behind, show up as you are, and reconnect with a core part of yourself.

What our students say

Malaga - Fia Addicks-2
The 8-week Samavira meditation training was amazing. I was already meditating for a few years, but I never really felt connected to myself during the practice. Because of the training where the facilitator really explained everything very well, I now really feel connected to myself when I meditate. Another great part of this training is that you make new friends!
Fia Addicks
It was a great experience. I’ve been a meditator for many years, and yet I still got many great insights from the training. The training and the vibe in the group were really great.
Mario Cristobal
Malaga - Somoud Kiwan-2
It was great and helped me a lot. As a student I’m under a lot of pressure and have anxiety issues, but the meditations helped me a lot to calm down and focus.
Somoud Kiwan
Malaga - Haytem Mkichri-2
I was surprised to find a live meditation course. It was a wonderful experience getting to know myself through meditation together with other like-minded people. This community is truly wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in life and be surrounded by amazing people!
Haytem Mkichri

What you'll learn

The Samavira Student Training is an 8-week training program that follows a curriculum vetted by Buddhist monks. Each week, you’ll attend a 90-minute session facilitated by our instructors where you’ll learn 8 different modules of the Samavira meditation and train your mind to become a self-reliant meditator. All sessions close with group meditations, focusing on a new aspect of the meditation technique that you can carry on practicing daily between the sessions. By the end of the training, you’ll be able to…

Current locations

Training Signup

Our next 8-week meditation training group will start in September 2022. Sign up on the waitlist below!


Every last Sunday of the month, we host a live guided Inner Peace Session online.

In these sessions, we host different wellness professionals to help us find our inner peace, followed by a Samavira meditation.⁣

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