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Help others find peace and fulfillment as a Certified Meditation Teacher


  • Start date: September 15th, 2024
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Weekly time investment: 4 hours
    (2 hours of videos + 2 hours live call)

About the Program

With our program, you will:


Learn to teach and guide 7 different meditation techniques so you can adjust to your students' and clients' needs.


Become a certified meditation teacher, ready to guide meditators of all levels and lead group and private sessions with confidence.


Cultivate your own teaching style, making your guidance stand out and resonate with your students and clients.


Tap into a library of tools and materials to enhance your teaching journey.


Connect with a supportive, mission-driven network of meditation teachers from around the world.


Receive step-by-step training and enjoy ongoing support to confidently lead others on their meditation journeys.


We believe that meditation should be as unique as you are.

The Samavira Method™ combines the principles of mindfulness, (neuro)science and psychology.

Diverse Techniques

Moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.

Personalized Meditation

Design sessions tailored to your students’ and clients’ unique needs.

Deeper Impact

Reach deeper immersion and greater benefits.

Why Teach Meditation This Way?

The Samavira Method™ equips you with versatile, scientifically backed tools to deliver effective meditation sessions. It helps you to address the diverse needs of your students and clients, which allows them to reach deeper states of meditation and greater benefits from their practice, and helps you to create more impact and customer satisfaction!
A group of attentive people attending a meditation teacher training course

Our Meditation Teacher Training prepares you to make a living while you make an impact - creating a ripple effect of mental wellbeing.


The instructure for the meditation teacher training course | Lauren Schuivens

“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama


With us, you can choose to become a certified teacher or advance further as an ambassador. Both options provide comprehensive training, valuable resources, and a supportive community.

Teacher Training

This option includes:
  • 6-Week live online training
  • Learn to teach & guide 7 different meditation techniques
  • Accredited Meditation Teacher Certification
  • Library full of research, studies, tools, resources, templates, manuals and handouts
  • Join a mission-based global community

Ambassador Program

This option includes:
  • This option includes everything in the Teacher Training, plus 1 extra training week for ambassadors
  • Licensing rights to teach our readily available meditation training
  • Marketing & business development training
  • Done-for-you resources (meditation, business & marketing templates)
  • Regular meditation and business coaching calls after the training
  • Opportunity to facilitate meditation sessions in our community
  • Licensing rights to use the Samavira brand, logo, name, and assets
  • Continuous guidance, training, and support from our team and global community of ambassadors

We have various scholarships and payment plans available to make this program as accessible as we can, no matter your circumstances. Book a call to discuss your options!


The core training spans 6 weeks. Every week, we’ll have a 2-hour live call, plus 2 hours of pre-recorded videos and other materials to review in order to deepen your knowledge. There will also be weekly homework to implement your knowledge into practice right away.

Theory modules

Support your students

Practice your skills

7 different meditation techniques & Variations

SEPTEMBER 2024 program

6 x Live Teacher Training Days

Our live kickoff call will take place on Sunday September 15th at 6pm CET.

Then, live sessions take place from 6pm – 8pm CET, weekly for 6 Sundays (until October 27th). Convert to your local timezone here.

We keep our groups intimate as we adopt a personalized approach, which means spots for this training are limited.


We’ve packed in some special bonuses to enhance your experience.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong access to all program materials.

Monk's Wisdom

Live Q&A call with a Buddhist Monk on guiding and teaching meditation.
IMG_8509 (4)

Global Network

Access to a global community of other mission-based meditation and mindfulness teachers.

accredited instructor certification

When you finish your Meditation Teacher Training with us, you will receive an accredited meditation instructor certification upon graduation. This certification is internationally acknowledged.

IMMA Accreditation for Meditation Teacher Training

100% Money back guarantee

If you have fully attended 2 sessions and the training really does not seem right for you, you will receive a full refund. 


Lauren Schuivens

Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Trainer

Lauren is the founder of Samavira and a certified meditation & mindfulness instructor. She has been trained by Buddhist Monks in Thailand to deepen her skills and knowledge about meditation and mindfulness and help spread these practices further. Lauren first started using meditation and mindfulness in her own life to recover from severe trauma, heal from the past and reclaim her power. She is now on a mission to spread this wisdom with the world. Lauren also worked with some of the biggest personal growth authors in the world during her career at Mindvalley, and facilitated transformative events, workshops, trainings and courses for hundreds of people worldwide.

What our certified instructors say

Rogeria Schmidt - Brazil
"This training just happened at the right time in my life and it was exactly what I needed to deepen my self-awareness and strengthen my connection with my own intuition. The presentation of all the complementary material happening right before the meditation session in every meeting was perfect for a better meditation practice itself. My favorite aspect of the Samavira experience was knowing when and where we were could tweak tools and use the ones we felt aligned with. Highly recommended training for anyone who wants to feel confident while meditating and teaching meditation."
Rogéria Schmidt
Rohith E - India (1) (1)
"My most favorite part of the training was how all teachers actively took part by asking each other questions, as if they were also a meditation student in the training. Overall, I loved how deep the training went. I was able to understand deeply why I meditate and how to go even deeper. I recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a detailed meditation program, whether you want to become a teacher or take your own meditation practice to the next level."
Rohith E
Burair Ali Hussain - Pakistan (7)
"I have never had such a deep & profound meditation practice and training. I highly appreciate the teacher training process which includes resources, data, marketing, communication & lifelong support. This teacher training is one of its kind with expert instructors."
Burair Ali Hussain
Amour Vodounhessi - Benin (1) (1)
"What I liked the most is that the business part during the training helped me to identify some mistakes I made and gain new good tools and strategies to build and maintain my community by making them interested in what I'm doing. I also deepened my meditation experiences through regular practices during the training. I really liked the group facilitation technique and the atmosphere in which the training took place. What I liked most was that we not only talked about meditation and mindfulness, but also about business."
Amour Dieu-Donné Vodounhessi
If you have any questions, please reach out to

THE SAMAVIRA meditation teacher training

Our next training will take place in 2023. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we open enrollment.

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