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Become a Samavira Ambassador

Turn your passion for meditation into a profession, gain the confidence and skills to teach others the art and science of meditation and help us bring Samavira to your city.

Duration: 4 weeks

We created a program where our instructors can do what they love for a living, have personal freedom in their lives, and build a sustainable profession out of their passion with our support. Develop your personal teaching style in our 4-week Meditation and Business development certification program. Learn to teach all skill levels and stock up on tools for building curriculums and presentations. Graduate with Samavira certification, access to the newest meditation research and studies, exclusive teaching and business development resources, and a growing global community.

About the Program

The Samavira Ambassador Program is a combination of the Samavira meditation teacher training,
and a business partnership under the Samavira brand. 


Learn the science of meditation and practice the unique Dhammakaya meditation technique.


Become comfortable to teach meditation to all student skill levels and hold space for groups.


Receive the rights to use the Samavira brand and assets and become one of our global ambassadors.


Get access to content, business resources and on-going business development support.

what will you learn?

The training is spread over 4 weeks during which we will spend 1 full-time day per week together online. In between the live training days, there will be space to review the training materials, deepen your own meditation practice and become more and more immersed in your new identity as a meditation teacher.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Samavira business partnership

Once you are certified as one of our instructors, we will work with you to help set up a local community in your city with…

Ambassador Program Dates

Do you want to play a role in helping others thrive? Become a Samavira ambassador!

November 2022

  • 4 Weeks of live meditation & business training
  • Meditation teacher certification
  • A library full of tools, resources, templates, manuals and handouts
  • Licensing rights to use the Samavira brand, logo, name and assets
  • Business development partnership with Samavira
  • Ongoing group and 1-on-1 support after you’ve been certified
  • Access to a like-minded, mission-based global community

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Your Trainers

Lauren Schuivens

Meditation & Mindfulness Trainer

Lauren is the founder of Samavira and a certified meditation & mindfulness instructor. She has been trained by Buddhist Monks in Thailand to deepen her skills and knowledge about meditation and mindfulness to overcome her early life traumas, reclaim her power and heal from the past. She has worked with some of the biggest personal growth authors in the world, and facilitated events, workshops, trainings and courses for hundreds of people worldwide.
Ozlem pic-2-2
Ozlem Birkalan

Marketing Expert

Ozlem is a brand and marketing communications expert with 21+ years of experience working with globally recognized brands and early start-ups. Her strong passion for improving people’s lives and personal growth through meditation and yoga practices led her to join Samavira. Her expertise in mindful marketing strategy, purposeful brand design, digital growth tactics, community building, PR and partnerships combine to inform a creative approach to business.

What our certified teachers say

Burair Ali Hussain - Pakistan (1)
I have never had such a deep & profound meditation practice and training. I highly appreciate the teacher training process which includes resources, data, marketing, communication & lifelong support. This teacher training is one of its kind with expert instructors.
Burair Ali Hussain
Rohith E - India
My most favorite part of the training was how all teachers actively took part by asking each other questions, as if they were also a meditation student in the training. Overall, I loved how deep the training went. I was able to understand deeply why I meditate and how to go even deeper. I recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a detailed meditation program, whether you want to become a teacher or take your own meditation practice to the next level.
Rohith E
Amour Vodounhessi - Benin (2)
What I liked the most is that the business part during the training helped me to identify some mistakes I made and gain new good tools and strategies to build and maintain my community by making them interested in what I'm doing. I also deepened my meditation experiences through regular practices during the training. I really liked the group facilitation technique and the atmosphere in which the training took place. What I liked most was that we not only talked about meditation and mindfulness, but also about business.
Amour Dieu-Donné Vodounhessi
Rogeria Schmidt2 - Brazil
This training just happened at the right time in my life and it was exactly what I needed to deepen my self-awareness and strengthen my connection with my own intuition. The presentation of all the complementary material happening right before the meditation session in every meeting was perfect for a better meditation practice itself. My favorite aspect of the Samavira experience was knowing when and where we were could tweak tools and use the ones we felt aligned with. Highly recommended training for anyone who wants to feel confident while meditating and teaching meditation.
Rogéria Schmidt

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