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Find strength in silence
Unravel what is within
You at the center

Samavira is a modern-day meditation experience rooted in ancient Buddhist principles.

It is the only meditation training that teaches you how to create your own meditation style from the traditional Dhammakaya meditation technique, bringing it to your city through its global network of certified instructors.

All Samavira trainings combine Eastern tradition, science, and experience design to bring wisdom to modern living, and empower you to create your individual meditation style and routine without relying on a device.

The Samavira Experience

Our meditation technique is based on Buddhist principles, designed for the needs of the modern world. Samavira brings ancient wisdom to you and empowers you to design your own meditation style.


Vetted by Buddhist monks, the technique we use in Samavira is based on the original Dhammakaya meditation principles.


Meditate confidently anywhere, anytime without relying on a guide, a device, or a space.


The first meditation training that teaches you how to adapt a traditional meditation technique to how your mind works best.


Connect with other meditators and deepen the effects of your practice through a collective experience.

Our testimonials

Malaga - Danai Roussou-2
A beautiful insight into the world of meditation with practical tips and useful information. More than recommended for anyone with curiosity and need to learn more about ourselves and be able to focus on every aspect of the magical thing called life!
Danai Roussou
Malaga - Pedro Fernández-2
The training is very well designed to incrementally gain knowledge and insight into the matter, essential to build up a long lasting sustainable practice. And here I am, two months afterward! Thank you!
Pedro Fernández
Malaga - Ines Hot-2-2
I just loved the training! There was a good balance between theory and practice. Understanding the what, why and how of the Dhammakaya meditation technique helped me improve my meditation practice a lot! The facilitator is knowledgeable and leads the sessions very powerfully.
Ines Hot
Before the Samavira training, I had been meditating for 25 years, using different techniques. During the training I learned a new meditation technique and got lots of inspiration. I now feel like I can drop into my meditations more deeply than I could before.
Jan Tellefsen
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Every last Sunday of the month, we host a live guided Inner Peace Session online.

In these sessions, we host different wellness professionals to help us find our inner peace, followed by a Samavira meditation.⁣

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Meet the founder

Lauren is the Founder of Samavira and the creator of the Samavira experience.

She’s a project manager turned certified meditation & mindfulness instructor, trained by Buddhist Monks in Thailand.


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