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Peace of mind

Samavira was created to help you elevate your meditation experience and live life at your best.

We are a growing global network of meditation instructors, and we’re dedicated to bringing a uniquely designed meditation experience to cities around the world.

Choosing Samavira is choosing wellness, growth and connection.



How Samavira was born

Lauren Schuivens, the Founder and visionary behind Samavira is a certified meditation & mindfulness instructor trained by Buddhist Monks in Thailand. She has worked with some of the biggest personal growth authors in the world during her career at Mindvalley and has facilitated events for hundreds of people worldwide.

Even though she is a successful entrepreneur today, her story started off on a very different path.

Lauren became a victim of armed violence and was raped before she turned twenty. Due to her early life trauma, she developed a severe eating disorder and had to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts. As a result, she was prescribed antidepressants for treatment.

Her therapists said she would be dependent on medication for the rest of her life — but she decided to prove them wrong.

Our values


Venture out into the silence of your soul and
explore parts of yourself even hidden to you.


Go deeper in your practice, rise higher in
your potential, so you can live life at your best.


Become the creator of your meditation experience
and design your unique meditation style.


Reconnect with who you really are and
join a circle of like-minded meditators.

Meet The Team

Lauren Schuivens

Founder of Samavira
Certified Meditation Trainer

Corin profile pic (2)
Corin Goodman

Co-Founder of Samavira
Marketing Expert


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