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Samavira in the Press

Samavira and our founder Lauren have been featured in a few publications, press, podcasts and other talks.

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Samavira: Meditation and Mindfulness Taken Globally

Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer Lauren Schuivens founded Samavira: to facilitate genuine transformational change through challenging the current perspective people hold.

Lauren Schuivens Believes in the Power of Meditation and Mindfulness to Help Your Personal Growth Journey

Trauma is a widely undiscussed subject that is sadly quite common. Lauren Schuivens, the founder of Samavira, overcame her personal trauma through meditation and mindfulness.

Talking with Meditation Teacher Lauren Schuivens About Meditation Myths and Emotional Healing

Lauren Schuivens is a transformational facilitator. A large part of her work includes meditation workshops and retreats. She has studied with Buddhist Monks and is a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer.

Meditation as a way for self-care with Lauren Schuivens

Slowing down, and doing some self-care is important. Part of that can include meditation. We talked about why meditation is important emotionally, the preconceived notions about meditation, and how you can easily practice it.

How To Handle Stress Through Meditation

We are constantly bombarded with recommendations to meditate, but being actually told why to do so – other than the general response of that it relaxes you. Which it certainly does. But what does it actually mean, to meditate?

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How A Woman Named Lauren Schuivens Showed Me Strength and Love Transmits Through Space

It doesn’t matter who it’s with, how well you may or may not know them. Let someone you know you see them. And to Lauren Schuivens, who made me know I’m seen, heard, and respected.

5 Be's to improve student mental health and productivity

As a student, working on your mental health is essential amidst the rigors and demands of dealing with academics and maintaining a personal life. If you want to level up your game as a student and improve your mental health, the 5 Be’s can help.

Konferencja Franczyza 2.0

Our founder Lauren spoke at the Franchise 2.0 Conference in Warsaw, Poland in September ’21 and was featured in Forbes Poland.

Toastmasters International

In this speech at Toastmasters International, Lauren talks about she dealt with her early-life traumas, and how it led her to build the international meditation brand Samavira.

Mindful Matters

Connecting young people with lived experience of mental illness to a yoga practice and a supportive community. Because YOU matter.

Episode: Meditation & Self-Love with Lauren Schuivens

Discovering My Wings Show

Episode: Walk to Serenity

Learn why mindfulness is essential for mental health with Lauren Schuivens, founder of Samavira.

EasYoga by Gemma Nice

Take part in deep, meaningful conversations about relationships, yoga, and well-being. EasYoga Podcast was voted Best 15 UK Yoga Podcasts by Feedspot.

Boundless Authenticity

Listen to discussions about all things related to human evolution and growth.

Episode: Meditation & Mindfulness Redefined

Voice on Fire

Interviews with leaders from all around the world who have positively impacted lives at a local, national, and global level. Change makers, life influencers, action takers – amazing, passionate people using the power of their voice to create massive global impact. That’s what Voice on Fire is all about.

Self-Healing Interviews with Nisreen

Lauren openly speaks about her early-life traumas and what she did to heal and lift herself out of it.

Episode: Overcoming Your Trauma

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